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Welcome to Windows of Opportunities!

“A Unique Place to Shop and Learn”

  • assisting those in need within the community
  • providing valuable information and resources to help expand the quality of life
  • bringing about awareness and knowledge to the community

Windows of Opportunities is a 501(c)(3), a non-profit tax-exempt organization

Serving the Raleigh Area since 2008


Oak City optThe mission of Windows of Opportunities Community Development Center, Incorporated is to assist individuals while serving and helping other people who are in need within the community. Windows of Opportunities organizes various workshops and engage in different activities while collaborating with other organizations. We are aimed to develop and implement different programs within the community, which may address individual’s emotional, intellectual, physical, moral, and economic needs.


Windows of Opportunities and Community Development Center, Incorporated is a retail store and a business, which collaborates with other organizations while providing services to individuals who are in need. Windows of Opportunities and Community Development Center, Incorporated was founded in 2008 owned and operated by Maggie Green. It was then that Windows of Opportunities began to help individuals by providing valuable information and various resources to help expand the quality of life.


We receive donations such as monetary gifts, good clean clothes, furniture, bed frames, toys, shoes, belts, lamps, baskets, books, pocketbooks, socks, and etc.

We will continue to use the funds and monetary donations to help individuals and families within the communities and conduct various workshops. We will also continue to help education people on how to make better choices while trying to meet some of their needs.


thrift store itemsWindows of Opportunities, donate free household items such as good clean clothes, furniture, bed frames and shoes are given to victims who are burned out of their homes and who experience other disasters. These items are also given to individuals who are coming from being homeless or prison to sustainability. Monetary gifts and donated items to the Thrift Store are sold to:

• help give a certain percentage in purchasing medication for the elderly,
• fix food boxes for individuals or families that are in need of food,
• feed the homeless,
• pass out gloves, sweaters, coats, shirts, shoes, sweat shirts and hats,
• help purchase school supplies for single parents who are struggling,
• assist parents with a disabled child who are in need,
• to conduct monthly workshops on various topics to the community to bring about awareness

Windows of Opportunities made it possible for a disabled child to receive a free wheel chair.

Windows of Opportunities conducts free workshop for within the communities to bring about awareness and knowledge. Such workshops consist of domestic violence, child abuse, health and wellness, how to manage your finance, how to Dress for Success for job interviews, basic Spanish and English and basic computer skills. With monetary donations and items that are sold from the Thrift store, we will continue to bring about awareness and knowledge to the communities while helping individuals and families who are in need.